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Luc Fortier is a self-taught Quebec artist who has been actively working in the field of visual arts for more than ten years.


His universe gravitates around the portrait, the human body but also part of his work is of a more symbolic order see DADA. In his painting, he manipulates colors and light like a sculptor who gently reveals the subject of his canvas.


He is inspired by personal photos, models, newspaper and magazine clippings, memories and of course the news that surrounds us.


The website and its shop have been in operation since May 2021, which allows for greater dissemination of works and an offer of quality products at more affordable prices.


The authenticity and originality of the works are important values, which is why no reproduction is available. A work is a unique element.

​ The greatest care is taken in making works of art, starting with the use of quality materials. Whether at the level of canvases, pigments or acrylic binders, only professional quality products are used. Once finished, the paintings are adequately protected by applying several coats of acrylic varnish to ensure the durability of the work.

Respect for the environment is an integral part of the process of making works of art. Each work is carried out following a zero effluent policy. Indeed, working with a spatula not only  reduces the quantity of water being used but the recovered cleaning water is evaporated in the open air rather than discharged into the sewers.  

Carnaval 1
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