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Contemporary Figurative Paintings

Come and discover the most recent original figurative artwork

Approach to Contemporary Figurative Art

Between mosaic and pointillism

The artist's figurative paintings are halfway between mosaic and pointillism. The technique used differs from classical mosaic in that the dots are superimposed rather than simply juxtaposed. It is also distinguished from pointillism by the size of the dots or touches and their orientation, which is intended to be as random as possible.

Vividly colored paintings

In his paintings, the artist uses a set of bright, often unconventional colors, invoking dialogue and contrasts between colors to define a form or evoke an emotion with maximum pictorial richness.

Working and viewing portraits from a distance

The execution of pointillist figurative paintings requires the artist to stand back from the work. Each touch of color is assessed in relation to the mass for its contribution to the definition of form, but also to the harmony of colors intended by the artist. In the same way, the viewer will need to stand back from the canvas to see it as a whole.

Textural appearance of paints

In his figurative paintings, the artist will use the texture obtained by using the painting knife throughout her work to add to the rendering of the canvas. The glossy finish enhances both the textural work and the depth of color.

Sources of inspiration

The artist is guided by his emotions, and his choice of scenes is highly personal. An encounter, a memory, an emotion, a story or a poem are all sources of inspiration for his figurative paintings...

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