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DADA and Thematic Paintings

Many of the paintings presented in this section are inspired by the DADA art movement while others are thematic paintings.

Approch to DADA and thematic paintings

Thematic and DADA paintings

In addition to his attraction for the portrait and the human figure, the painter Luc Fortier presents in this section of the shop a collection of contemporary art paintings which are part of the thematic and DADA artistic movements.


Each work is the fruit of a reflection on a topical subject in the world around us or of travel memories that have struck his imagination. Several paintings were specially produced for thematic exhibitions or competitions.


For these committed canvases, the content is more important than the form and the visitor is invited to wonder about the subject treated by the canvas.

DADA painting or thematic painting, what's the difference?

Let's say first that DADA canvases are also thematic canvases. They are often associated with contesting or criticizing a social or political situation such as war or even an absurd situation. The DADA movement began during the First World War and challenges conventions and the established order from an artistic, social or political point of view.

The thematic canvases are rather a pooling of several paintings or elements in order to observe the different facets of a subject and engage in reflection.

Sources of inspiration

The sources of inspiration for these DADA and thematic paintings are varied but it is probably the current events and the situation of the world around us which is the main source.

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