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Biography of painter Luc Fortier


Luc Fortier is a self-taught Canadian artist who was born and resides in Montreal. Drawing has always been ubiquitous, whether in the form of playful drawings during childhood or sketches of 3D machines during his career as a mechanical engineer. Art has always been used as a powerful means of communication. His sketchbooks have also served many times as reference documents for his partners and clients.

The painting component for its part only started much later following a first abstract painting workshop followed in Montreal in 2009; his main source of inspiration at that time was the painter Wassily Kandinsky. In 2013, a workshop attended in France profoundly changed the artist's quest when he discovered the French expressionist painter Serge Labégorre. He will thus abandon abstract painting to devote himself to the production of acrylic portraits with a knife and contemporary figurative paintings.

Peinture -Erika 2 -painting
Prix remis par le jury à l'artiste peintre Luc Fortier lors de l'exposition la rencontre des Arts

His presence

His work has been presented in individual and collective exhibitions in Canada, notably at the Trinity art center in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, at the Carte Blanche gallery in Montreal, at the Guy-Descary cultural complex in Lachine, at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal, as well as at the Museum of Fine Arts in Saint-Hilaire. Abroad, he has also participated in several international exhibitions, including the Abbey of Fondouce (France), in 2019, at the Alexandre Dumas Media Library in Villers-Cotterêts (France) and at the BEFFROI in Bruges (Belgium) in 2017 as well than at the Maffei Marescotti Palace of the Vatican (Italy) in 2016.

He has received several awards and mentions both nationally and internationally. His paintings are part of private collections and in the public collection of the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (2021). He has also been accepted into the prestigious Society of Canadian Artists SCA in 2021 and the Institute of Figurative Arts IFA in 2023.

He continues his humanitarian quest by promoting the production of thematic series. Among the most recent series, we find the series "the three poets", the series on "Carnival of Martinique" and of course the imposing series entitled "Faces of Africa" which is a series of twelve large format acrylic knife portraits of African characters.

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