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Questions / answers section

This section brings together the most frequently asked questions from Customers. You can not find the answer, do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here

  • What is Rectangulism?
    Rectangularism is a new pictorial expression in which touches of rectangular shape are juxtaposed and superimposed on the canvas in the most random orientation possible in order to generate the desired image. The following example is a painting entitled "Erika 2" by artist Luc Fortier made with a spatula and using acrylic as a medium
  • What are the possible payment methods?
    For For any purchase, it is possible to pay by credit card, by Paypal or by bank transfer. Deferred payments are also possible, however the artist must be contacted if this type of payment is envisaged.
  • In Canada, do I have to add the price of taxes to the price of the canvas?
    No, the price of taxes is included in the sale price as well as the price of transport.
  • Is the price of import taxes included for a country other than Canada?
    No, each case differs depending on the country of delivery, this will be settled separately with the seller
  • Does each canvas come with its certificate of authenticity
    Yes, a certificate of authenticity is issued for each canvas at the time of sale. This one is personalized and signed by the hand of the artist.
  • Is each canvas signed by the artist?
    Yes each canvas is signed on the back by the artist
  • Is supervision necessary?
    No, the canvases are all gallery size with the sides finished and ready to hang.
  • Which canvases will be transported in a wooden crate?
    Any canvas with one side equal to or greater than 48 inches will be shipped in a wooden crate.
  • Do wooden crates meet the ISPM-15 specification
    Yes, all of our wooden crates meet this specification.
  • What is ISPM-15
    This standard, which applies to the wood used for the construction of boxes, is an international convention that aims to safeguard biodiversity, preserve the environment and prevent the risk of spreading harmful insects. The design of our boxes does not use solid wood with a thickness of more than 6mm, but rather favors the use of plywood which is a safe material and accepted according to this international standard.
  • Is shipping free in Canada?
    Yes, shipping is free in Canada 😀
  • Is delivery outside of Canada free?
    No, delivery outside Canada must be paid separately, as well as import taxes.
  • How much will an international delivery cost?
    It all depends on the country of destination, the size of the canvas. The price of transport and import taxes will be settled on a case-by-case basis with the seller
  • Can I get a tax deduction in Canada as an individual when buying a work of art?
    No, unfortunately the tax laws only allow it for companies
  • Can I obtain a tax deduction in Canada as a company when buying a work of art?
    Yes, if you own a company, it is possible to obtain a tax deduction for the purchase of a work of art.
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