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Contemporary Landscape Paintings

Discover superb unique maritime landscapes that make you dream with a contemporary style inspired by pointillism.

Approch to landscape painting

A pointillist approach

What makes these landscape canvases unique is the pointillist treatment of the image. Rectangular strokes of vivid color are applied juxtaposed and superimposed in as random an orientation as possible. Although these touches are larger than those of classic pointillism, the final effect is singular and superb.

Vividly colored landscapes

The colors used are in seascape tones, and the artist leaves plenty of room for color variability to achieve the desired overall effect.

Landscapes in relief

The use of the painting knife (spatula) combined with the use of aggregates results in a superb texture. As the work progresses, the artist will use the texture to his advantage to create superb reflections on the surface of the water.

My sources of inspiration

The production of landscape paintings is essentially fuelled by memories of travel. Each canvas evokes an impression, a particular moment of wonder at the infinite.

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