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This portrait exudes both a festive atmosphere and a certain bitterness...

Interpretation of the work by the artist;

This canvas is the first in a series of portraits entitled " Carnaval de Martinique ", This mini-series of identical medium format canvases is inspired by memories of trips to Martinique and is centered on some of the typical Martinican carnival characters. The invoice of the characters uses a pictorial language inspired by pointillism interpreted in a contemporary way where the colors are essentially mixed on the palette and applied to the canvas by small individual touches either juxtaposed or even superimposed. This acrylic portrait with a knife represents a man who is one of the classic carnival characters called "Neg Gwo Siwo", this character is intended to commemorate the period of slavery. His costume is made of battery syrup (syrup resulting from the evaporation of cane juice) and charcoal on the body. A very viscous and thick composition of black color. At the time, slaves used this coating to escape the plantations and find freedom.

Technical data

Series: Carnival of Martinique

Title of the painting: Carnival 1

Artist: Luc Fortier
Year of completion: 2022
Location: Montreal
Theme : Portrait
Style: Inspired by Pointillism
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Technique : Painting knife
Original work size: 24 x 24 x 1.5 in, (61 x 61 x 3.8 cm)
Hanging system included: Iron wire at the back
Dominant colors: Bluish tones Payne's gray, mauve

Carnival 1


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